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Troy Wilson Dunbeck, more commonly known by his YouTube alias TWD98, is a rising YouTuber and professional Mario Kart racer. Although he has many Mario Kart Wii (MKW) former world records in Time Trials, he frequently plays Custom Tracks through an unofficial mod to MKW called "CTGP Revolution", and uploads recordings of him doing so to YouTube.


TWD98's current YouTube profile picture.

Troy's channel is Mario Kart-themed; he primarily uploads videos pertaining to MKW, although he also uploads Mario Kart 8 Deluxe videos. In the past he has uploaded Mario Kart 8 videos, Mario Kart DS videos, Mario Kart: Double Dash!! videos, and Mario Kart 7 videos, in addition to many other non-Mario Kart videos.

Troy created the TWD98 YouTube channel on January 8, 2007. Since then, Troy has uploaded over 740 videos, gained more than 67 million views across all of his videos, and earned over 111,000 subscribers. His catch phrase "BAM Shock Dodge!", spoken in his third "Anything is Possible" video, has stuck as his signature catch phrase that is now widespread across the Mario Kart community.

Recently, Troy graduated from the University of California, San Diego, in Film Studies. With college out of the way, his availability has brought about daily uploads and live streams. The TWD98 channel shows no signs of losing popularity. With average gains of more than 100 subscribers per day and more than 60,000 views per day, Troy's channel is on its way up the YouTube popularity leaderboard.

Personal life Edit

Troy Dunbeck was born on April 14, 1994. He currently resides in La Jolla, San Diego, California, where he creates and uploads his videos and live streams.

Friends Edit

In August 2010, Troy began including his friends in many of his videos. Nowadays, many of his videos include some of these friends.

Justin Edit

Troy's first friend seen on his channel was Justin Giggly, who starred in the video "[MKWii] Troy's Toads Factory Challenge". The latest video Justin is seen in is "Mario Kart Wii - Justin vs NMeade - TWD98 Shortcut Challenge".

Colton Edit

Troy's second friend to star on the TWD98 channel was Colton. Colton first appeared in the video "[MKWii] Mythify This #1 ~ MG 100cc Gap Jump?". The latest video Colton appears in is "Mario Kart Wii 200cc Shortcut Challenge - Colton vs Matt".

Matt Edit

The third of Troy's friends to appear on the TWD98 channel was Matt; he starred in the video "Mario Kart Wii - Fail and Recovery #2 ~ ProbleMATTic!". The latest video Matt stars in is "Mario Kart Wii 200cc Shortcut Challenge - Colton vs Matt".

Connor Edit

Troy's fourth friend to star on his channel was Connor. Connor first starred in the video "Mario Kart Wii - Fail and Recovery #6 ~ Oh my Josh! (ft. Colton, Connor)". He last appeared in the video "Mario Kart Wii - Troy vs Connor vs NMeade - ITEM RAIN Tournament (2/2)".

Josh Edit

The fifth friend to appear on Troy's channel was Josh. Josh first starred in the video "Mario Kart Wii - Fail and Recovery #6 ~ Oh My Josh! (ft. Colton, Connor)". The latest video he has starred in is "Mario Kart Wii - Eyes on the Prize #4 ~ CPU Sabotage!".

Alina Edit

The sixth and final friend to appear on Troy's channel was his girlfriend Alina. Though they are no longer in a relationship, Troy included her in two of his videos. The first video Alina appeared in was "[MKWii] Controller Co-op with Troy and Alina (Highlights w/ Hands)", and the final video Alina starred in was "[MKWii] Alina vs Game Show Shortcut Challenge (Custom Track Edition!)".

Internet life Edit

Collaborations Edit

In addition to including friends in his videos, Troy also collaborates with other YouTubers in his video creation process.

RedFalconGames (Sam) Edit

Sword0fSeals (Tom) Edit

NMeade5 (Nicholas) Edit

Currently completing against Troy in the "Race to 9999 VR" series, NMeade is easily the most featured YouTuber on Troy's channel.

Wrath19001 Edit

RonakG1109 Edit

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Nathaniel Bandy Edit

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MayroSMM Edit

YouTube Series' Edit

Throughout Troy's YouTube career, he has uploaded various series' to his channel. They could be called the meat and potatoes of the TWD98 channel.

[MKWii] Olympics Edit

Troy's first and favourite YouTube series is his "Olympics" series. This series consists of Troy performing rather unusual stunts and tricks on various tracks in MKW, often falling outside the track's boundaries to access hidden drivable (and non-drivable) areas. As in the real life Olympic Games, Troy ranks his stunts. In this series, the stunts are shown from lowest placement to highest placement, the highest placement being the most impressive stunt. In total, the "Olympics" series is made up of ten individual videos in the following order:

  1. [MKWii] DK Mountain Olympics (TWD98)
  2. [MKWii] Koopa Cape Olympics (TWD98)
  3. [MKWii] (Old) Mushroom Gorge Olympics (TWD98)
  4. [MKWii] Waluigi Stadium Olympics (TWD98)
  5. [MKWii] Maple Treeway Olympics (TWD98)
  6. [MKWii] Coconut Mall Olympics (TWD98)
  7. [MKWii] Dry Dry Ruins Olympics (TWD98)
  8. [MKWii] Ghost Valley 2 Olympics (TWD98)
  9. [MKWii] Grumble Volcano Olympics (TWD98)
  10. [MKWii] Mushroom Gorge Olympics (TWD98)