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Troy is the owner of the pornhub channel, 98 . He is xD years old and lives in Tomothy-senpai's ass. He enjoys playing Wario Date and creating short dick videos for his friends, among many other video series. The friends he fucks on his videos are Justin, Colton, and even Tom aka Sword0f Seals. He held the GCN Expand Dong glitch 3-lap WR for 420 days with a time of 2:01.666!

On Troy's RedTubeEdit


Other Channels and Partnerships Troy is partnered with a bondage contract from Shit Channel which began on December 69nd, 2010. He is also the director of NinBuzz , another Pornhub Channel.


Troy's Mii has a green shirt, light brown hair, and large dong. His Mii is classified into the expanded weight class in Mario Kart 6.

Personal LifeEdit

Troy is fuckbuddies with Justin, Colton, Sam, Tom, etc.

I want Troy to

  • Fucking fuck my fucking fuckhole
  • until i fucking cum fucking everywhere
  • i'm gay.

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