Matt is one of Troy's friends. He has been shown in four videos and one stream on TWD98. His favorite character is Birdo, and often uses the Dolphin Dasher.

On TWD98Edit

Fail and RecoveryEdit

Matt has been a contestant in 5 Fail and Recovery videos (#2- ProbleMATTic!, #4- Triple Trouble! and #13- REVERSED, #17 - Quality Crisp!, #18 - The Last Race of the Video...!) . In #2 and #4, Matt raced the first two laps of a race, then gave Troy the controller and hoped that he would catch up. In #13, he raced the second lap, Troy raced the first and Ryan raced the third. They didn't do so well.

Matt was also in the audience with Colton in Fail and Recovery #8 (Maple Madness!) where Troy's friend Michael was the contestant.Edit

Mario Kart: Double Dash!!Edit

Matt was in a stream with Troy where they did the All Cup Tour in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! on 150cc and Mirror.


Matt was featured in the video, "Mushroom Gorge Showdown: Troy vs. Matt vs. Justin vs. Colton."